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REN XUE Africa

Teaching Yuan Qigong in South Africa

REN XUE is a modern Wisdom cultivation method which is rooted in the ancient theories of Chinese life cultivation (including Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism), Qigong, traditional Chinese medicine, anatomy, modern science. It was designed with a clear determination to make it easier for 21st Century people to return to a more integral experience of wellbeing and harmony, living more aligned with the Laws of Nature, the Laws of the Universe.

There is a treasure trove of inaccessible information in the ancient teachings of Chinese culture that few equivalents in the West can offer. Learning the universally relevant parts of this knowledge, coupled with modern science, through the carefully designed and comprehensive REN XUE system, enables steady progress and holistic development of health, happiness and Wisdom for all who apply it.

REN XUE International was founded by Yuan Tze in New Zealand in 2002 and has since developed into a thriving non-profit organisation represented in 23 countries, on 6 continents, with more than 600 highly trained teachers  committed to “uplifting themselves, then uplifting others” ~ Zi Du, Du Ren ~ the Ren Xue mission statement. In addition, the more than 150 teacher training students that have recently been enrolling annually for the thorough theoretical and practical, six year programme attests to the rapid global expansion of this highly valued system.

With Yuan Gong, the Qigong system designed by Yuan Tze at its heart, practitioners embark on a clearly defined path of improving their health at all levels, deepening their sense of happiness and peace and creating the interior conditions for ever higher Realisation and Wisdom (attributes of the True Self).

The latest principles and techniques of Qi healing, which form the core of the second arm of the REN XUE system, Yuan Ming practice, equip every student from the earliest levels, to meaningfully help themselves and others in simple yet  effective ways.

The Six Verses

1. Awareness inside the body. Feel the emptiness and spaciousness within.

2. Expand this awareness out, becoming one with the universe.

3. Draw the awareness back inside, calm and peaceful.

4. Open to the universe, with utmost Gongjing (reverence and true respect).

5. Allow the bright universe to nurture your heart with compassion and Love.

6. Feel relaxed, free and joyful, Qi flowing smoothy and harmoniously.

Yuan Tze

Founder of REN XUE Yuan Qigong & Yuan Ming

Yuan Tze is the Dao-hao, the name for cultivation, of Bin Liu, who was born in 1962, in an ancient port town in Jiangsu province, on the east coast of China. Yuan Tze was exposed to and influenced by traditional Chinese wisdom culture from 6 months of age through early childhood under the care of a monk who saved his life. His time in the monastery was interrupted due to the intense political turmoil in China at the time but in his teenage years he began training seriously under the influence of many respected teachers and masters in their fields. This continued throughout his life . Through this he distilled profound knowledge and expertise in Qigong, TCM, martial arts, Tai Chi and the deep Wisdom philosophies of the East.  His piercing, objective analysis of the problems humanity faces, both at the individual and societal level, drove him to the fundamental issues that need to be addressed, rather than superficial panaceas. It is his grave prediction that if humanity does not with haste turn it’s trajectory around through each person realising their True Nature, great harm will continue to be perpetrated: human to human, human to Nature and the planet.  

REN XUE, the overarching system he developed, offers a clear, step-by-step process, through nine methods of Yuan Qigong, to address this serious situation.

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