How is the Yuan Qigong system different?

by | Oct 15, 2020 | REN XUE Africa, Yuan Qigong

As Qigong becomes more and more popular in the West, it is valid to ask: why would I choose Yuan Qigong, when there are so many different credible Qigong systems available?

Firstly, Yuan Qigong (the name given to the body of 9 Methods of Qigong within REN XUE Life Cultivation) is taught by a global network of highly qualified teachers, required to abide by norms, ethics and safety codes of conduct, overseen by a robust organisation, REN XUE International.

REN XUE International was founded in 2002 by Yuan Tze, a Master Qigong practitioner, and Life Cultivator of high attainment. The term ‘Life Cultivation’ is not within common Western parlance and it is therefore helpful to know that what is inferred, is a lifetime’s focus on refining, developing, expanding one’s health on all the levels of Spirit, Body, Mind, Qi and Heart. It is considered in the traditional East, to be one of the highest purposes of one’s life. This is oftentimes the polar opposite of what has evolved to be the highest purpose of life in the West, where the focus is predominantly on external, material attainments, often to the detriment of one or all of Spirit, Body, Mind, Qi and Heart.

Secondly, Yuan Qigong, arose out of the true intention of Yuan Tze to provide a progressive (ie. sequentially structured), safe, efficient qigong system to the world, founded on respected principles of the ancient Qi masters, modern science and decades of personal experience (under the guidance of esteemed teachers in many relevant fields). It is easy to gloss over the words ‘progressive, safe and efficient’ however know that they are chosen with much consideration and it is important to take into account that not all qigong systems have a methodology that easily embraces these essential requirements, respectable and effective as they can be.

Yuan Tze’s intention has been achieved partly by the sequence of methods in Yuan Qigong: Firstly, Methods 1 – 3 work on external transformation of the Body and Qi, then Methods 4 – 6 progress to working on internal transformation leading to the highest level of work on Qi. Finally Methods 7 – 9 progress to working on the heart, consciousness and a ‘state of deep integration’, of the Soul/Spirit and Heart. Although this appears to be a linear process, it becomes over time, a constant series of virtuous cycles supporting each level of transformation. There is no endpoint, yet the clear objective is to uplift one’s internal well-being and cultivate ever increasing levels of peace and harmony within and without. As this continues, Higher Realisation and Wisdom, two jewels of Life Cultivation, naturally arise.

Each of these methods contributes to an unimpeded, sure-footed trajectory on this latter aspect of the Life Cultivation Path. It is this thoroughness, without superfluousness, that makes Yuan Qigong distinguished, though maybe not unique.

Thirdly, yet no less important than the above, is that Yuan Qigong works mainly with the original, undifferentiated Qi of the universe ~ Yuan Qi. This is primordial Qi before it divides into Yin and Yang and as such has all potential for positive transformation readily available, when we draw it into our bodies with intent.

And lastly for the purposes of this article, whereas many of the traditional qigong systems focus on only the enhancement of one’s physical wellbeing, Yuan Qigong systematically and safely enables positive transformation of the root causes of all imbalances in our lives. To that end, it guides one respectfully and compassionately through the required changes of Consciousness, always leaving the evaluation of what needs to be changed, up to the practitioner. Easy to implement principles which the practitioner can observe operating in pure or less than pure forms in daily life, provide self-referenced guidance on what to address, when.

The journey is always one’s own. But the right tools can make all the difference to the quality and the destination.