Tian Yuan & Di Yuan 4 Week 8-Class Introduction Package

Twice weekly for 4 weeks
(beginning Mon 16 May to Thurs 9 June)

We all know there is great value in paying close attention to what we are able to effectively influence. The fact that our state is responsible for the quality of everything we think, say, and do and therefore activates a series of effects on the world around, is then clearly something worth becoming masterful at. Despite most of us believing that the world around us affects our state, it is in fact the other way around. It is unquestionably in our hands.

Qigong has been known for millennia to help people manage their state. In Yuan Gong specifically, we train ourselves in the practice to become more relaxed, calm, and peaceful while replenishing the quality and quantity of internal Qi. These states of relaxed, calm, and peaceful naturally become more stable with sustained practice and begin to positively influence our life, whether our physical health (via a better regulated autonomic nervous system) or our emotional and mental wellbeing. The increase in high-quality internal Qi also adds profoundly to these three areas of Life. Yuan Gong further provides an opportunity to deepen the experience of one’s place in The Universe, offering a whole other dimension to one’s wellbeing. 

We invite you to start your Yuan Gong journey with the first two methods: Tian Yuan and Di Yuan. Tian Yuan, a moving Qigong method, gathers primordial Yuan Qi of the Universe deeply into the body and is followed by the nourishing standing form Di Yuan, designed to strengthen and stabilise body and mind.

8-Class Package (4 weeks)

Classes will be one hour long, but on occasion, there may be a fifteen-minute Q&A session afterward for students to clarify any points.

Two Methods - Tian Yuan & Di Yuan

You will end the four weeks with a deep understanding of the principles and theories as well as the movements.

Classes are Online & Recorded

Recordings will be available for three days after each class for students to practice daily before the next class.

Physical Concerns?

Please be assured that most people can participate. Most body conditions can be taken into account and very few are a barrier to entry. Connect with Louise via email at   to discuss, should this be a concern.

An 8-CLASS PACKAGE running over 4 weeks:


Mondays  – 16th, 23rd, 30th May and 6th June at 6 pm – 7 pm

Thursdays  – 19th, 26th May and 2nd & 9th June at 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Timezone is SAST/CEST

Cost: ZAR 850 (approximately EUR 55) for the package

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A separate email will be sent to you early May with the Zoom link to use for all eight classes.

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