Join our 7 week (14 class) Tian Yuan & Di Yuan Class Package

Embed a Yuan Qigong practice into your daily rhythm

for the well-known benefits it will bring

Starting Monday 11th October and running through to Thursday 25th November

Two online Zoom classes a week at the following times (SAST timezone):

Mondays: 6 pm & Thursdays: 6 pm  

with a closed group after final registration on Sunday 10th October:


COST: ZAR 1 750 (Normal price ZAR 2 100)


Payment Note: Please email Louise if you would like to make a payment arrangement of 2 or 3 payments.

Classes Note:   Classes are one hour long. On occasion, your teacher may add an extra 15 mins at his discretion for Q&A or additional practice. Please feel free to exit the class after the hour, if needs, by quietly and respectfully ‘leaving the meeting room’, closing the Qi Field with gratitude.

Class recordings will be available for four days after each class for you to use for daily practice in your own time/space.

The Methods

Tian Yuan, the First Method of nine, gathers primordial Qi efficiently into the body through flowing movements to transform health for the better.

Di Yuan, the Second Method, is a profoundly nurturing, nourishing still practice. It is designed to uplift the overall strength of the body and stabilise the clarity and state of calm in the Mind. It does this via the three Dantians, Qi storage areas essential for our overall wellbeing.

Together, these two practices form a powerhouse combination.

Common benefits include:

feeling more energised and vital, calmer, sleeping deeper, being able to respond rather than react when facing uncertainty and change, generally a more centred and grounded state, overall improvement in one’s sense of wellbeing and health.
Qigong is to this day widely accepted in China as a credible practice for health cultivation. 

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Simon Sangmeister

Simon has been training with renowned Qigong master and REN XUE founder Yuan Tze in New Zealand for over 6 years. He is a regular teacher for international retreats, and when time allows, he teaches his own classes. He works full-time for REN XUE International as Content Creator and is responsible for the online teacher training.

What he loves most about teaching Qigong is the reciprocal nature of growth. Both teacher and student learn and grow together if they choose to unify their hearts and expand their consciousness.
Originally from Germany, Simon is transient these days and will be staying in SA for the next few months.

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