Ren Yuan 8-Week Introduction Package

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REN YUAN is the third method within the Yuan Gong system. If you’ve seen or done Tai Qi (Chi) this practice is most similar.

Its fluid, flowing movements cycle you smoothly through phases of ‘working’ Qi to ‘nourishing Qi’ while deepening your sense of internal Unification. The breath, body, Consciousness and Qi all follow each other closely, and one ends the practice feeling incredibly revitalised, refreshed, clear and light. 

Qi blockages are cleared at the deepest levels leading to improvements in overall physical wellbeing. There are subtler benefits too, which deepen our ability to remain relaxed, calm and natural through daily life. We are taught that these states are foundational to a happy, healthy life of harmony, enabling higher levels of wisdom and fulfillment. 

If all these concepts are foreign to you, please be assured the course accommodates Beginners, so you will be taught everything you need to know. Each student will be met at their starting place and supported fully on the way. Graphics and notes will be provided throughout.

Join Louise from Tuesday 1st March 2022, as she starts an 8 week journey teaching this beautiful Qigong method in stages. Two classes a week will help you consolidate both the movements and the underlying principles. You’ll easily build the 5 Segments and 18 sections in layers. A recording link will be sent after each class for you to watch at your own convenience, rewatch and practice that section, before the next one is taught. 



WHEN: Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 6 pm – 7.15 pm.
1st March – 20th April 2022.
Classes start at 6pm, so please be settled 5 – 10 mins before.

WHERE: Upon registration, a Zoom class link will be sent to you. Use this for every class. Class recordings only record the teacher. 

WHAT: 18 x Zoom classes with recording links available for six days after each class. Notes and any additional learning support will be provided.

PRICE: R1 900 (if preferred this can be split over three payments via our TymeBank option within our secure payment gateway, PayFast. This payment protocol charges 50% of the full amount upfront, 25% 30 days later, and 25% another 30 days later.)

YOUR TEACHER: Please go to our drop down menu ‘Teachers’ to read more about Louise Pannell.

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8-Week Package (16 classes)

Classes will be one & quarter hours long, but on occasion, there may be a fifteen-minute Q&A session afterward for students to clarify any points.

3rd Method - Ren Yuan

You will end the eight weeks with a deep understanding of the principles and theories as well as the movements.

Classes are Online & Recorded

Recordings will be available for six days after each class for students to practice daily before the next class.

Physical Concerns?

Please be assured that most people can participate. Most body conditions can be taken into account and very few are a barrier to entry. Connect with Louise via email at   to discuss, should this be a concern.

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