Louise Pannell Qigong Teacher Johannesburg

Sandra Bodard

My Journey with Yuan Qigong started in 2021 when a friend sent me a link to a Ren Xue movie and with it came a few sessions to learn the first method, Tian Yuan. I immediately felt the calm and peaceful effect of the method, both on the mind and the body, and wanted to learn further by joining an online training with Louise on Methods 1, 2 and then 3.

After a few months of daily practice of these methods, and following an online retreat with Yuan Tze, I enrolled in early 2022 for the Level One Guided e-Learning Teachers Training, which thoroughly covers Methods 1 and 2, as I wanted to be able to teach them to others.

I am based in Cape Town and would be glad to share with you the beneficial effect of these first two methods – Tian Yuan and Di Yuan – which I am now qualified to teach. I am currently enrolled for Level 2 and learning the next two methods – Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan,

This is only the beginning of my journey with Yuan Qigong and I would love to be able to share it with you.

Contact me at to arrange for sessions.