Join our beginners 4 week (4 class) Tian Yuan Class Package

Embed the 1st Method of Yuan Qigong, Tian Yuan,
into your daily rhythm
for the well-known benefits it will bring.

Starting Tuesday 20th September to Tuesday 11th October

One online Zoom class a week at the following times (SAST timezone)

Tuesday: 6 – 7.15pm (Note: class recordings will be available if you cannot make the time)

Cost: R550

Classes Note:   Classes are 75mins long. On occasion your teacher Louise may add an extra 15 mins for Q & A. Please feel free to exit the class after the 75mins, if needs, by quietly and respectfully ‘leaving the meeting room’, and closing the Qi Field with gratitude.

Class recordings are made available for daily practice in your own time/space.

The Method of Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan, the First Method of nine, gathers primordial Qi efficiently into the body through flowing movements to transform health and overall well-being. It lays the foundation for the deeper methods that follow.

Common benefits include:

Feeling more energised and vital, calmer, sleeping deeper.

Being able to respond rather than react when facing uncertainty and change.

Generally a more centred and grounded state.

Overall improvement in one’s sense of well-being and health.


Qigong is to this day widely accepted in China as a credible practice for health cultivation.

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