Louise Pannell Qigong Teacher Johannesburg

Simon Sangmeister

Simon started his Qigong journey more than a decade ago. After looking into various other modalities, he settled on the Chinese moving meditation and its rich philosophy. The physical aspect of a Qigong practice greatly helped him get in touch with his own body and consciousness. The philosophical aspect helped him make sense of the complex world he found himself in. In conjunction, these two aspects of Qigong attribute a new quality of meaning to his life.

Simon has been training with renowned Qigong master and REN XUE founder Yuan Tze in New Zealand for over 6 years. He is a regular teacher for international retreats, and when time allows, he teaches his own classes. He works full-time for REN XUE International as Content Creator and is responsible for the online teacher training.

What he loves most about teaching Qigong is the reciprocal nature of growth. Both teacher and student learn and grow together if they choose to unify their hearts and expand their consciousness.
Originally from Germany, Simon is transient these days and will be staying in SA for the next few months.

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