Louise Pannell Qigong Teacher Johannesburg


I have had a keen interest in ‘spiritual’ systems and paths from an early age, with my early working life being as a pastor in the institutional church.

Leaving formal religion behind in 2003 allowed me to deepen and explore various practices for cultivating my own self-awareness and growth toward being a more whole and integrated person.

REN XUE Yuan Gong has given me a personal life cultivation system which is not a religion, but rather offers theories and practices that have become a sensible and grounded life map for my journey on the path towards realisation and wisdom.

I’m currently offering classes in Scarborough, Western Cape.

There are plans to offer classes in the Southern suburbs in the next short while. Details will be posted here in the next month.

I am also one of the Directors of REN XUE Africa as well as the website developer for the organisation.

Please contact me to get more details or to chat further about Yuan Qigong and how it can help in Uplifting Life.

M: 082 408 5119