Louise Pannell Qigong Teacher Johannesburg

Make your health your greatest wealth in 2024

Come explore and experience the gentle Art Of Movement, and enhance awareness and realization of the True Self in a calm, relaxed and natural way.

New weekly public sessions available 5:30pm starting Thursday 11th January.

Venue: Seapoint Promenade (meet at the rhino)

All welcome. NO cost, donations welcome.

My contact no: 063 614 0210

Learn Qigong South Afica


I am Kathy, an Integrated Learning practitioner and intuitive life coach, who has spent two decades finding holistic and alternate learning tools to assist my clients to manage their learning experience, and more broadly manage Life.

In the process of equipping myself with various mindfulness practices, as part of my own healing journey, I was introduced to Qigong and was immediately taken by the huge beneficial effect it had on my body/mind consciousness. This lead me to investigate further this ancient art that was bringing enormous healing and self awareness into my life, and in turn into my work spaces.

I looked for every possible opportunity to share my new found love for the healing art of Qigong. On the back of the work I was then doing to facilitate therapeutic art at a school for the deaf and hearing impaired, I searched for alternate tools to guide this special group of learners towards heart coherence and deeper internal integration. Not yet being a qualified Qigong teacher, I used what I knew about mindful movement, and saw amazing results in my learners and their ability to connect, not only with their own bodies, but with others, through what I then coined, “heart2heart” primordial healing art. Around that time I saw a video online on exactly how REN XUE Yuan Gong was being used in schools in Portugal to assist deaf learners. The synchronicity was wonderful and without hesitation, I took this as an answer to my ever questioning mind, of finding the one tool, that could bring balance to body, mind and soul to these learners as well as more broadly into local communities.

I am particularly passionate about encouraging Yuan Gong to become an essential part of each child/learner’s toolbox within South Africa and beyond and am actively engaging educational bodies to effect this.

I will continue to make Yuan Gong available, initially in the Western Cape area, I have recently started doing small, yet growing, woman’s groups, sharing and supporting wellness, creating body/mind awareness, and motivating community upliftment through these classes.

I facilitate most of my sessions outdoors in nature and share from the heart, my knowledge, passion and experience of this beautiful Art of Movement, Yuan Gong.

Email me to find out more about classes.

WhatsApp me on: 063 614 0210